The Full Cocoa Program

This program consists of the following:
  • Access to a private Client Portal on the Practice Better Platform
  • Fully curated & personalized skin regimen.
  • A thorough initial client consultation.
  • Access to client-only educational resources.
  • Private, secure check-ins and communication with your skin specialist.
  • Access to customized skin treatments along with advanced procedures 
  • Ongoing skincare coaching and professional guidance as you progress through your skincare journey.

Who Is The Full Program Best For?

The Full Program is for you if you:

  • Are tired of trying every skincare product that's popular just to end up with either zero results or worse skin after.
  • Understand that just one facial won't fix your skin and are willing to commit to the process.
  • Get that skincare can be fluid and are willing to ride out your skin's responses.
  • Prioritize long-term skin health over "right now" results
  • Are looking for professional guidance that goes one step above and prioritizes YOU.


The Full Program is a combination of Virtual Skin Coaching services listed above plus any In-Person Treatments (If you're local to Calgary). Your cost is dependent on the products necessary to address your specific skin concerns + any other supplemental treatments and/or follow-up sessions needed during your journey with me. A typical investment could look like the following:

  • Initial Skin Consultation: $50
  • Initial Product Regimen Set: $150+
  • Follow-Up Updates and Communication through your Client Portal: Complimentary
  • Follow-Up Virtual Consultation Sessions (*optional and not needed unless you want the extra one-on-one time): $15/session
  • Ongoing Product Regimen Costs: Varies depending on your ongoing skin concerns/needs. *New Full Program Clients enjoy 15% off any products purchased during their first month.
  • In-Person Treatments: Range from $120 - $400 monthly depending on selected treatments. (Subscriptions are available)

How Do I Become A Full Program Client?

  1. Complete the Intake Form Below, making sure to be detailed in your answers.
  2. 24 - 48 hours after completing the form, you will receive an invite to the Practice Better Client portal. You'll also be registered into the Full Program Walkthrough where you can get more information about what the process will look like and will be able to schedule your initial Client Consultation appointment. 

Complete Intake Form

    What If I'm Not Located In Calgary?

    Not local to Calgary? No problem! I offer Virtual Client Skin Services for anyone located in Canada. Virtual Clients are able to register for the Full Cocoa Program as well and receive all the same perks & benefits just minus the In-Person treatments. All sessions will be conducted via video call.

    Full Program Intake Form