Meet Your Skin Therapist

 Sola Dada RN

Hi! I’m Sola and the skincare nerd behind Cocoa Esthetiques. I started Cocoa with the vision of providing professional & results-driven skincare treatments for diverse skin in the Calgary area. My love for skincare started when I began to deal with acne at the age of 14. I tried so many different products and regimens and when I finally started to look for professional help, I realized there weren't a lot of options in Calgary that worked with skin of color. I started Cocoa Esthetiques to bridge this gap because I believe everyone should have access to professional, accessible & evidence-based skincare services. Along the way, I learned a lot more about skin health and physiology and this has not only transformed my practice, but also my personal skin. Education is power and I am very happy to be able to use the knowledge I've obtained to heal my skin and many others'.
I believe in cultivating sustainable & effective skincare care routines along with corrective skin treatments for ultimate, long-term results. In my (rare!) spare time, I enjoy beefing up my skin knowledge by taking continuing education. I am incredibly proud to have created an environment that is non-judgmental, welcoming, and inclusive for everyone. While I do things a little differently from other estheticians & spas, I think you’ll be surprised at how much we can accomplish together when it comes to getting your skin healthier.
I can’t wait to work with you.

More About Me

  • I have a very spoiled, feisty cat who I love to spend time with.
  • I enjoy travelling both with friends and my loving partner. Our favorite location to visit to date has been South Africa!
  • I LOVE food; my definition of a fun weekend is trying a new restaurant or ordering some takeout.
  • My favorite movie genre is Horror. I absolutely love horror movies and I'm always open to recommendations.